Centrefeed Rolls; How do I know what type is right?

Centrefeed Rolls; How do I know what type is right?

When purchasing White or Blue Centrefeed Rolls, do you ever find yourself asking what customer needs what roll? Fourstones is here to help!

Fourstones manufactures a wide range of quality centrefeed. Being CHSA accredited means that you get what you order too. No shorter than promised lengths and most importantly only quality paper is used. If there is one thing we can promise you, it’s that we know paper. Back to the subject however, you can find Fourstones centrefeed range in the Centrefeed Rolls section of our website, or simply click here.

The Long Centrefeed

Need extra-long centrefeed roll for that one customer who always runs out before they get to change the dispenser? Why not stock our Blue 2 ply 180m BCP2001802 Centrefeed Rolls . The width is 10mm wider meaning bigger sheets. The added length of the roll is also brilliant, being a 180m 2 ply roll means your customer will not need to replenish their dispenser as frequently, a brilliant USP!

Not long enough? Some customers need those extra-long rolls, even if they don’t fit in dispensers. This is where the bad boys come in! Fourstones manufactures wider and longer paper products called Industrial Wiper Rolls. These 1ply and 2 ply roll lengths start at 300m and go up to a huge 1500m 1 ply forecourt roll! There is no excuse for not having a roll long enough now!

The Strong Centrefeed

Fourstones knows sometimes even the highest quality paper isn’t strong enough. That’s why Fourstones manufactures Heavy Duty Centrefeed Rolls, this specialist paper is more durable and stronger whilst maintaining and exceeding the absorbency and wet strength of your everyday centrefeed roll. What is more impressive is that we offer these rolls in longer lengths and widths.

Fourstones Agricultural Wiper Rolls are also a great example of a strong centrefeed roll. Perfect for farms and other agricultural customers – Not to mention any customer who wants a green centrefeed roll!

The Cost Effective Centrefeed

Now for many of your customers it comes down to price. So why not offer them one of our more cost-effective centrefeed rolls. This way you know the product is still of the highest quality!

Whether it be 150m or 90m centrefeed rolls, Fourstones can offer you and your customer’s quality centrefeed rolls at a cost-effective price! Embossed or Flat sheet, 2 ply or 1 ply, blue or white our Standard Range of Centrefeed Rolls offers you a wide selection of quality centrefeed rolls for you to choose from.

There's More?

Fourstones centrefeed and other product ranges do not stop there! Why not contact our sales team at 01434 602444. We will not let you down.

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