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Fourstones is a well-established UK wiper roll manufacturer. We offer a wide selection of tough, dependable wiper rolls available in lengths and sizes to suit your customer’s needs. Thanks to our vertically integrated supply chain, we have complete control of the paper used in our wiper roll products, guaranteeing the dependability and quality your customers demand in the toughest environments.

Our monster roll selection below offers a range of lengths and sizes to suit your customers’ requirements.

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Industrial Wiper Roll - FSC® Recycled 100%

Our Sapphire industrial wiper roll is perfect for customers within construction, manufacturing and automotive sectors. The large sheet size is perfect for large spills and cleaning requirements. Available in 2 ply and heavy duty 3 ply, our range can accommodate your customer’s needs. 

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Key Features

Fourstones wiper roll is the perfect solution for end users within heavy industrial environments such as manufacturing and automotive sectors. 

Available in lengths of 300m to 400m, and sheet widths up to 370mm, our large sheets can take on even the hardest of challenges. 

We only use our own FSC recycled 100% paper in our industrial wiper roll products, ensuring your supply chain remains ethical and that no further deforestation occurs, protecting animal habitats.

Our wiper rolls use food contact material paper, allowing the paper to be used within catering and hospitality environments without worry. 

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All wiper roll products are sold in pallet quantities, but can be part of a mixed pallet configuration. To discuss your ideal product range, get in touch by clicking here.

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Wiper Roll Manufacturer

Our industrial wiper rolls are designed to be used in heavy industries such as automotive and high traffic industrial environments. Made to be tough, reliable and absorbent, our wiper rolls are ideal for cleaning up spills, wiping surfaces and for drying. Clear perforations make each sheet easy to tear off. What’s more, our industrial wiper rolls are made from FSC 100% recycled paper that can be traced back to its source.

Why Is Wiper Roll Used?

Fourstones industrial wiper roll has many different applications. Construction, automotive and manufacturing environments often see various spills from liquids, oils and other matter than can get in the way of an individual’s work and even pose a risk to safety. Our industrial wiper roll is the perfect solution for your customers’ needs to ensure surfaces are clean, dry and safe.

Can Wiper Roll be Used in an Automotive Setting?

Wiper roll is ideal for use in automotive settings as oil, grease and grime are present almost all the time. The large sheet size makes wiping effortless and means you can clean up a lot of mess with just one sheet, minimising product wastage. The 2-ply sheet construction makes it strong and highly absorbent so that you can clean with confidence.

Can Wiper Roll be Used in an Agricultural Setting?

From cleaning down machinery to drying up fluids, agricultural settings can be a testing environment to keep clean and tidy. Our industrial wiper rolls maximise your cleaning efficiency with their strong construction and high absorbency. You can clean mud from surfaces, soak up animal fluids and more.

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We are a UK Wiper Roll Manufacturer

At Fourstones, our goal is to provide you with strong, reliable, and absorbent wiper roll that excels in tough environments whether you need to mop up oil or clean some tools. With our CHSA-certified quality, FSC® certified ranges, and robust products, you really are choosing a wiper roll that won’t let you or your customers down.

Provide the very best UK wiper roll manufacturer with your customers – explore our range of excellent quality and cost-effective wiper rolls, perfect for getting every tough job done.

Our selection of wiper ‘monster rolls’ are available in a selection of sizes to accommodate your customer’s requirements. We regularly quality check our products to ensure your customers are getting the quality and performance they require. We make sure sheet sizes are correct and consistent, all the way to testing our products in real life situations to make sure they’ll exceed expectations. 

FSC® Certified

Have confidence in knowing that you are buying a wiper roll that is FSC® certified. This guarantees that our monster rolls not only exceed strict quality standards, but that they are also made from ethically sourced raw material too.

CHSA Certification

Being CHSA certified means that our wiper rolls are made to exacting standards, meaning each roll is precisely measured so you and your customers know you are getting the exact quantity stated on our packaging.  

Food Safe

Our wiper rolls meet food safe requirements, meaning that they are safe to use in food preparation environments giving your customers extra peace of mind.

Made in the UK

We make all our wiper roll products right here in the UK from UK paper.

Extra Large Sheets

Each extra-large sheet gives you the size you need for the biggest tasks. End users will mop up spills, dry hands and even clean machinery with ease when they use our high-quality wiper rolls.

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