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Fourstones are a long-standing UK toilet roll manufacturer. We offer an impressive range of high-quality toilet rolls from jumbo to domestic. As a proven UK paper manufacturer with a vertical integrated supply chain, we are in control of the paper used in our toilet roll products, providing the consistent quality your customers expect. 

Our toilet roll selection below offers a range of lengths, styles, sizes and more to suit your customers’ needs.

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls - FSC® Recycled 100%

Sapphire mini jumbo toilet rolls provide the length and performance required for busy washrooms. With a selection of core sizes ranging from 60mm (2.25″) to 76mm (3″) cores, you can rely on Fourstones as a UK mini jumbo toilet roll manufacturer to support you.

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Key Features

Fourstones mini toilet rolls are one of our most popular away from home toilet roll products. 

Available in lengths of 115m to 200m, our mini jumbo toilet rolls, come in widths of 90mm and easily fit most universal toilet roll dispensers. 

We only use our own FSC recycled 100% paper in our away from home mini jumbo toilet roll products, ensuring your supply chain remains ethical and that no further deforestation occurs, protecting animal habitats.

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All toilet roll products are sold in pallet quantities, but can be part of a mixed pallet configuration. To discuss your ideal product range, get in touch by clicking here.

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Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Manufacturer

At Fourstones, we manufacture quality mini jumbo toilet roll products here in the UK. All our mini jumbo toilet roll products are manufactured using FSC® Recycled 100% paper.

Our toilet tissue is robust and absorbent, providing end users with confidence each use, and it is made to dissolve easily when flushed, lowering the possibility of blockages. Perforated sheets also make for an easy tear each time. To accommodate your range, we offer our mini jumbo rolls in a range of core sizes and roll lengths.

Why Do We Offer 60mm (2.25”) and 76mm (3”) Core Sizes?

Not all toilet roll dispensers are created equal. The holders within toilet roll dispensers can vary in size, which is why we offer two different popular core sizes to make sure our products fit your requirements.

What About Sheet Count?

There is a common misconception that having a larger toiler roll core, means that you, in turn, get less paper per roll. With our mini jumbo toilet roll, this is not the case. Despite our products having varying core sizes, we still supply the same quantity of paper on both rolls, so you don’t lose out.

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We are a UK Toilet Roll Manufacturer

At Fourstones, our mission is to provide you with incredible toilet toll that goes beyond expectations. With our CHSA-certified quality, FSC® certified ranges, and innovative features, you really are choosing a toilet roll product that stands out for its comfort, performance, reliability, and ethical sourcing.

Experience the pinnacle of UK toilet roll manufacturing – explore our range of high quality and cost-effective toilet rolls, suitable for a range of applications from hotels to domestic bathrooms.

Our selection of toilet rolls is available in many lengths and widths to accommodate your customer’s requirements. We perform regular quality checks to ensure that our toilet roll products adhere to the quality you and your customers expect. From ensuring the sheet sizes are to spec and the paper as soft as can be, you will know you are receiving a high-quality product every time.

FSC® Certified

Discover our exceptional toilet roll products, backed by FSC® certification. With our reputable brands, you can trust that each roll adheres to stringent quality control standards and ethical sourcing practices.

CHSA Certification

Rest easy knowing that our toilet roll products are CHSA certified. This assurance not only guarantees our paper quality but also ensures accurate meterage for every roll.

Quickly Breaks Down

Our toilet roll products are designed to break down quickly and efficiently when flushed. This reduces the chance of blockages. Your customers can keep their dignity and your plumbing will benefit too.

Made in the UK

Every toilet roll product we have is made in the UK to the highest standards using FSC certified paper.

No Captive Dispenser Systems

We don’t believe you and your customers should be locked into a tricky contract. We believe in providing great value, that’s why we don’t supply captive system products.

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