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Fourstones is a trusted UK hygiene roll manufacturer. We offer an impressive range of high-quality hygiene and couch rolls in a variety of sizes. As a proven UK paper manufacturer with a vertical integrated supply chain, we are in control of the paper used in our hygiene roll products, providing the consistent quality your customers expect. 

Our hygiene roll selection below offers a range of lengths and sizes to suit your customers’ needs.

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Premium 3 Ply Hygiene Roll - FSC® Recycled 100%

Sapphire 3 ply hygiene rolls offer a premium solution for your couch roll customers. Made from 3 layers of paper, each roll is robust, extra absorbent and acts as an excellent hygiene barrier for couches and tools. Made from FSC recycled 100% paper, our 3 ply hygiene rolls are ethical made.

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Key Features

Fourstones 3 ply hygiene roll provides additional strength for your 10″ hygiene roll and 20″ couch roll customers. 

Available in lengths of up to 40m, each roll is long lasting.  

All of our 3 ply hygiene rolls are made from Fourstones own FSC Recycled 100% paper as standard. This means your supply chain remains ethical and reassures your end users that no further deforestation or animal habitats were destroyed to make your paper products.

Each roll is individually wrapped for increased hygiene, ensuring a safe product. We exceed UK legislation by exclusively using 100% post-consumer plastic for our individual wrap, allowing you to offer a greener option to your customers. 

Looking for a standard hygiene roll? Why not explore our full hygiene and couch roll range by clicking here

All hygiene roll products are sold in pallet quantities but can be part of a mixed pallet configuration. To discuss your ideal product range, get in touch by clicking here.

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3 Ply Hygiene Roll Manufacturer

Fourstones are a 3 ply hygiene roll manufacturer, and our 3 ply 10″ hygiene rolls and 20″ couch rolls are designed to be used in demanding medical and beauty environments, providing additional protection for the end user. Our eco-friendly 3 ply couch roll products are all made in the UK using premium Fourstones FSC Recycled 100% paper. Our 3 ply hygiene rolls provide a reliable and strong barrier thanks to their 3 ply layers yet tear easily thanks to the perforated sheets, that could also be separated to add additional economy for your customers.

What is Heavy Couch Roll and What is it Used For?

Do your customers say standard couch roll just isn’t enough? Our heavy duty 3 ply couch roll may be what you are looking for. Made from 3 ply (3 layer) paper, our 3 ply hygiene rolls are extremely absorbent and robust. Ideal for use in demanding settings, such as hospital beds. Our heavy-duty couch rolls will help to keep surfaces clean and dry, aiding in reducing the risk of contamination. Their strong material means that they are robust and reliable, allowing for better protection of surfaces.

Why Choose Fourstones Heavy Duty Hygiene Roll?

Our heavy duty 3 ply hygiene rolls are made from FSC Recycled 100% paper. As couch roll paper is often discarded after use, using a product made from recycled paper is better for the planet as it extends the life of the wood fibre. This means less trees have to be cut down, reducing your carbon footprint associated with deforestation whilst also protecting animal habitats from the effects of deforestation.

At Fourstones, we are an expert paper maker and pride ourselves on delivering great quality paper products. Our 3 ply couch rolls are made from high quality recycled paper to ensure that they perform the way you expect, every single time.

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We are a UK Hygiene Roll Manufacturer

At Fourstones, our mission is to provide you with incredible hygiene roll that goes beyond expectations. With our CHSA-certified quality, FSC® certified ranges, and innovative features, you really are choosing a hygiene roll product that stands out for its strength, absorbency, reliability, and ethical sourcing.

Let your end users experience one of the top UK couch roll manufacturers – explore our range of high quality and cost-effective hygiene rolls, suitable for a range of applications from hospital beds to cosmetic couches.

Our selection of hygiene rolls is available in a selection of sizes to accommodate your customer’s requirements. We perform regular quality checks to ensure that our couch roll products adhere to the quality you and your customers expect. From ensuring the sheet sizes are to spec and the paper is as soft as can be, you will know you are receiving a high-quality product every time.

FSC® Certified

Discover our exceptional hygiene roll products, backed by FSC® certification. With our reputable product, you can trust that each roll adheres to stringent quality control standards and ethical sourcing practices.

CHSA Certification

You can relax knowing that our hygiene roll products are CHSA certified. This assurance not only guarantees our paper quality but also ensures accurate meterage for every roll.

Food Safe Materials

Fourstones couch and hygiene rolls are made from certified Food Contact Material, meaning that they can be safely used in settings where food may be present.

Made in the UK

Every couch roll product we have is made in the UK to the highest ethical and legislative standards using FSC certified paper.

Virgin and Recycled

Whether you require white virgin paper or blue recycled paper, we have you covered. Choose from a range of virgin or recycled hygiene roll products in our extensive range.

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