HONEST® Natural Paper Products

No Dyes, No Bleach, 100% Recycled

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Natural Paper Products

At Fourstones, we take sustainability seriously. Reliably made in the UK, Honest natural paper products provide you with the strong and absorbent qualities you expect from a high-quality centrefeed whilst also taking into consideration the rising need for positive change. 

What Makes Our Natural Paper Products Different?

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FSC® Recycled 100%

The FSC is regarded as the gold standard for paper products. 

Less Chemicals – We have removed all-non-essential chemicals.

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NO Plastic Packaging

0% plastic and 100% biodegradable. 

CHSA Approved – Always made to the correct specification. 

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Manufactured in the UK

We make everything in the UK, from paper to roll. 

Integrated Supply Chain – Minimising waste and transport.

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Lower CO2 Footprint

We are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions.

Local Recycled Paper Only – No imports and no unnecessary transport.

Natural Centrefeed - FSC® Recycled 100%

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Our natural Honest centrefeed provides the same great centrefeed you expect, whilst remaining true to the ethos of our Honest brand. 

Secondly, each roll is free from dyes, bleaches, H2O2 and de-inkers while only made from FSC recycled 100% paper.

Natural Toilet Roll - FSC® Recycled 100%

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Our natural Honest toilet roll is a sustainable and 100% plastic-free alternative to traditional AFH toilet rolls. Meanwhile you can also expect the same soft and strong toilet roll you are used to while also having a positive environmental impact. 

Just like our natural centrefeed, each natural toilet roll is free from dyes, bleaches, H2O2 and de-inkers. What’s more our Honest centrefeed is also made from FSC recycled 100% paper.