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Fourstones is a well-established UK centrefeed manufacturer, offering a wide range of high-quality centrefeed rolls. As an established UK paper manufacturer with a vertical integrated supply chain, we are in control of the paper used in our centrefeed products, providing the consistent quality your customers expect. 

Our Sapphire centrefeed selection below offers various lengths, widths, colours and ply to suit your customers’ preferences.

Recycled White Centrefeed - FSC® Recycled 100%

Sapphire white centrefeed provides the strength and absorbency required for everyday tasks. With a selection of embossed and flat sheet centrefeed ranging from 60m to 300m lengths and widths up to 185mm, you can rely on Fourstones as a trusted UK recycled white centrefeed manufacturer.

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Key Features

Our FSC Recycled 100% white centrefeed is the more environmentally friendly approach, and as an experienced white centrefeed manufacturer, we genuinely care about that. Made in the UK from UK post-consumer waste, no additional ecological environments are destroyed or harvested to produce our paper. 

Available from 150m to 300m. the range boasts a variety of ply’s including our most popular 2ply white centrefeed as well as 1ply and 3ply centrefeed variations. Embossed and Flat sheet centrefeed options are also available. 

Want a shorter roll? Check out Hydrobond centrefeed range by clicking here.

All White Centrefeed products are sold in pallet quantities but can be part of a mixed pallet configuration. To discuss your ideal product range, get in touch by clicking here.

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Why Recycled White Centrefeed

Some people may look at recycled white centrefeed and think it’s no different to a virgin paper alternative and overall, that’s correct. Recycled white centrefeed functions almost identically. But what’s so different?

As the name suggests, recycled white centrefeed is made from reclaimed post-consumer paper waste. At Fourstones we operate an integrated manufacturing process, meaning we make our own recycled paper here in the UK. Unlike a lot of paper mills, we can guarantee our paper is made from 100% recycled content and contains no virgin fibres. We back up this claim by being one of the few UK white centrefeed manufacturer offering FSC recycled 100% paper, which ensures our commitment to sustainability. This is not to be confused with FSC mix credit, which can obtain both virgin and recycled fibre.

Recycled paper helps us reuse paper fibre material, filter our plastics and other contaminates and prevents deforestation as well as the harvesting of alternative materials such as bamboo and sugarcane which still impacts wildlife ecology greatly, and often includes large carbon footprints that aren’t as transparent as those published within western Europe.

A major benefit of recycled white centrefeed is often its cost when compared to virgin centrefeed. Wastepaper is almost always cheaper than virgin fibre to purchase, and the manufacturing process from waste source to finished goods remains less energy intensive than virgin pulp to produce when factoring the entire supply chain of harvesting, pulping, transporting, re-pulping and manufacturing.

That’s why we genuinely believe we’re making a real difference as a recycled white centrefeed manufacturer.

We are a UK Centrefeed Manufacturer

At Fourstones, our mission is to provide you with centrefeed that goes beyond expectations. With our CHSA-certified quality, FSC® certified ranges, and innovative features, you’re choosing centrefeed that stands out for its performance, reliability, and ethical sourcing.

Experience the very best of UK centrefeed manufacturing – explore our range of high quality and cost-effective centrefeed rolls.

Our selection of centrefeed is available in many lengths and widths to accommodate your customer’s requirements. With regular quality checks we make sure every roll has an easy to pull core and that the paper is neatly wrapped with a consistent tail end.

FSC® Certified

Discover our exceptional Sapphire® and HONEST® centrefeed products, backed by FSC® certification. With our reputable brands, you can trust that each roll adheres to stringent quality control standards and ethical sourcing practices.

Food-Safe Materials

Our commitment to safety is unwavering. All our UK-made centrefeed rolls are certified for food contact, making them a reliable choice for catering and canteen environments.

CHSA Certification

Rest easy knowing that our products are CHSA certified. This assurance not only guarantees our paper quality but also ensures accurate meterage for every roll.

HYDROBOND® Technology

Exclusive to Fourstones, our HYDROBOND® centrefeed boasts a unique and primarily water-based ply bonding process. This innovation combines the comfort of traditional ply bonded centrefeed with the resilience of a laminated roll, delivering a premium product sought after by end-users.

Better Waterways

Experience the difference of our low bleed dye, helping improve your customer’s experience by reducing the likelihood of unwanted colour seepage during usage and reducing unwanted chemicals entering our waterways.

Or eliminate the chemicals altogether with our HONEST® centrefeed range. By removing unnecessary chemicals from production such as dyes, bleaches, H2O2 and de-inkers, we present you with one of the most eco-friendly FSC Recycled 100% centrefeed options in the UK.

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