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Fourstones is a well-established UK conventional toilet roll manufacturer. We offer a selection of premium toilet rolls for away from home and consumer markets. Thanks to our vertically integrated supply chain, we control the paper used in our toilet roll products, guaranteeing the dependability, comfort, and quality your customers demand.

Our toilet roll selection below offers a range of lengths and sizes to suit your customers’ needs.

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Conventional Toilet Rolls - FSC® Mix Credit

Fourstones conventional toilet roll offers a selection of domestic style toilet roll designed for non-consumer settings. As a trusted UK conventional toilet roll manufacturer, we only use FSC certified paper in all of our toilet rolls, ensuring your supply chain remains ethical.

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Key Features

We are reliable UK conventional toilet roll manufacturer, using high quality FSC mix credit paper grades in all our consumer style toilet roll products.  

Available from 200 sheet and 320 sheets with sheet dimensions of 92mm x 105mm, made from thick 2 ply paper that breaks down easily when flushed.

Looking to add a luxury consumer range? Check out our Purdi luxury toilet roll range by clicking here.

All conventional toilet roll products are sold in pallet quantities, but can be part of a mixed pallet configuration. To discuss your ideal product range, get in touch by clicking here.

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High Quality Conventional Toilet Roll Manufacturer

Fourstones are a UK conventional toilet roll manufacturer, also referred to as domestic toilet roll manufacturer. Our toilet roll is designed to be used in accommodation and premium settings such as hotels, B&Bs & offices. We off a range of lengths from 200 sheet rolls ideal for low use or high theft environments to 320 sheet toilet roll for luxury long lasting use. Regardless of sheet count, our conventional toilet roll is made from high quality FSC Mix Credit paper.

Real FSC Certified Paper

We ensure that our conventional toilet roll products are made from the same high-quality paper. Only FSC certified suppliers can actually guarantee whether you are receiving ethically sourced FSC certified paper. Our conventional toilet roll products are all made in the UK using premium FSC Mix Credit paper. This means that we can trace our paper back to FSC certified forests, and other controlled sources, helping us reduce unethical deforestation used in toilet roll products. As a result, our conventional toilet roll products provide not only quality but reassurance for your end users, that they are helping to protect the environment and workers’ rights. Our conventional toilet roll is also wrapped in 100% recycled packaging for you and your customers environmental peace of mind, exceeding virgin plastic reduction targets within your supply chain.

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Benefits of 200 Sheet Toilet Roll

Our 200 sheet toilet rolls are great within low usage, high turnover environments such as hotel rooms and B&B’s. The smaller rolls reduce costs for your customers who replace unfinished rolls frequently for hygiene reasons or if they are likely to be taken by visitors, yet still provide the end user with a premium quality product that is satisfying to use.

Benefits of 320 Sheet Toilet Roll

In addition to our 200 sheet toilet rolls, we also offer longer 320 sheet rolls. For businesses who don’t want or don’t have dispenser systems, our 320 sheet toilet rolls provide the perfect solution. They will last longer than a 200 sheet roll, meaning they need to be replaced less often. Our 320 sheet rolls are made from the same premium high-quality paper as our luxury range that customers will want to talk about – a great alternative to big brand names.

We are a UK Conventional Toilet Roll Manufacturer

At Fourstones, we provide you with strong, soft, and elegant toilet roll that exceeds expectations of your end users. With our CHSA-certified quality, FSC® certified ranges, and beautiful design features, you really are choosing a toilet roll product that stands out for its strength and softness, leaving your customers feeling clean and satisfied every time.

We aim to please as a luxury UK conventional toilet roll manufacturer – explore our range of high quality and cost-effective consumer and conventional toilet rolls, perfect for having that luxury feeling at home.

Our selection of Sapphire and Purdi toilet rolls are available in a selection of sizes and soft plys to accommodate your customer’s requirements. We perform regular quality checks to ensure that our toilet roll products adhere to the quality you and your customers expect. From ensuring the sheet sizes are to spec and the paper as soft as can be, you will know you are receiving a high-quality product.

FSC® Certified

Learn about our feel-good conventional toilet roll products, all FSC® certified. You can be sure that every roll in your supply chain complies with strict quality control guidelines and ethical sourcing procedures.

CHSA Certification

All of our conventional toilet rolls are CHSA certified. This not only reassures the quality of our product to end users, but means precise measurements for each roll, too.

Breaks Down Quickly

Our conventional toilet roll products are designed to break down quickly and effortlessly when flushed to help reduce the chance of blockages. Save your customers from having to clear blocked plumbing.  

Made in the UK

Every toilet roll product manufactured by Fourstones is made in the UK to the highest standards using FSC certified paper.

Beautiful Emboss

Your customers will love using our conventional toilet roll range as not only are they super soft, but they are also beautifully embossed, too. Our design helps add a touch of elegance to any bathroom.

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