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Fourstones is a trusted UK facial tissue supplier. We have a fantastic selection of soft and gentle tissues, perfect for use at home or in the office. We ensure our facial tissue products are ready for you when you need them with low lead times. guaranteeing the dependability and quality your customers expect.

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Facial Tissue - FSC® Recycled 100%

Purdi kind softness facial tissue offers an ethical and environmentally friendly tissue option to your range. Made here in the UK by Fourstones a recycled facial tissue manufacturer, we ensure high standards are met for your end users. 

Purdi Kind Softness Facial Tissue

Key Features

Made from British FSC Recycled 100% paper, our recycled facial tissues provide an ethical and environmentally friendly option for tissues. 

Each box contains 100 soft tissues measuring 200mm x 200mm each.

Want pure cellulose option for your customers? Check out our soft virgin facial tissue range by clicking here.

All facial tissue products are sold in pallet quantities but can be part of a mixed pallet configuration. To discuss your ideal product range, get in touch by clicking here.

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UK Recycled Facial Tissue Manufacturer

Fourstones are a high quality recycled facial tissue manufacturer, providing a luxury and soft facial tissue within the Purdi consumer range. The essence of our Purdi branding is about feeling good, or “feeling Purdi” as we like to say. You can have confidence knowing that your customers end users will feel fantastic when using our Purdi facial tissues. Our recycled facial tissues are soft and strong, giving you confidence with every use, making them ideal for use in hotels and schools. The tissues are presented in a stylised box so that they look appealing no matter where they are placed, and the self-presenting feature makes it easy to grab the next tissue.

FSC Recycled 100% Tissue

Our Purdi facial tissues are manufactured exclusively in the UK from Fourstones FSC Recycled 100% paper, making them an elegant alternative to virgin facial tissues. Using recycled paper helps to reduce environmental impact within your supply chain and provides a more eco conscious product that modern consumers look for, helping you and your customers hit your sustainability goals whilst looking fantastic, thanks to our bold Purdi packaging.

Our facial tissues are made from the highest quality recycled paper, making them both soft and strong. They offer several benefits, making them a versatile and essential product for everyday use:

Soft Texture

Each box is made with the intention of being soft on skin. Our facial tissues offer a delicate touch, which makes them perfect for sensitive regions like the face, in contrast to rough towels or abrasive wipes. Our soft tissues are ideal for gently cleaning skin, leaving end users feeling clean, especially for those who have sensitive skin or a skin condition that requires a soothing treatment.

Improved Hygiene

Facial tissues are essential for preserving hygiene in close-knit areas such as offices and homes. They work well for dusting and cleaning up spills because of their tough yet soft and absorbent properties. A pleasant and cosy environment can also be enhanced in shared areas by stocking a pack of our premium recycled facial tissues thanks to their appealing box design. Furthermore, facial tissues aid in slowing the transmission of viruses and bacteria, especially in busy office environments.

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We are a UK Facial Tissue Supplier

At Fourstones, our mission is to provide you with the softest and strongest facial tissues that are a pleasure to use. Thanks to the soft, high-quality tissue paper and easy-pull feature, you can count on our facial tissues to leave your customers satisfied and happy after every use.

Rely on a trusted UK facial tissue supplier – explore our range of excellent quality and super soft facial tissues, perfect for preventing the spread of bacteria in home or office environments.

Being a UK facial tissue supplier, we ensure we always have stock, ready to be dispatched. With that in mind, you and your customers can always rely on us to deliver our facial tissues in a timely manner. We regularly quality check our products to ensure your customers are getting the quality and performance they require. We make sure sheet sizes are correct and consistent, all the way to testing our products in real life situations to make sure they’ll exceed your customer’s expectations.

Soft Feel

Our facial tissues are made from super soft tissue paper, making them gentle on skin. Your customers will enjoy every use, feeling fresh and clean afterwards.  


Each box is beautifully designed to add a touch of elegance to your customers’ home or office environment – helping it blend in effortlessly.   


Whether at home or in a working environment, hygiene is always important. Our facial tissues are ideal for blowing your nose or even cleaning up spills, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and lower the risk of illness being passed on.

Virgin and Recycled

Choose between virgin or recycled facial tissue products. Our virgin white facial tissues offer a soft and delicate feel whilst our recycled facial tissues are made from FSC recycled 100% tissue paper, helping your customers work toward their sustainability goals.


Our facial tissues are made using strong 2 ply tissue paper, so they perform the way your customers expect. Our specially selected tissue paper is key in ensuring a reliable product that won’t let your customers down.

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