HYDROBOND Centrefeed – Added Value.

Never has the visibility and supply of hygiene products been more important in business regardless of sector, yet this increased usage carries increased costs for end users. One option is to provide the cheapest centrefeed to maintain margins whilst pacifying end users, however compromising on quality to achieve this can be less cost effective for your customers who may become very unhappy, especially for those selling own brand product. The answer is simple – supply the most cost-effective centrefeed without comprising on quality.


Fourstones new Sapphire HYDROBOND centrefeed was created for this purpose. Enhancing the qualities your customers take seriously about paper disposables such as soft touch, superior strength, and excellent absorbency. We developed our own process to combine the best of each feature without compromise in the most efficient manner, providing the very best value for money centrefeed.

The Sapphire HYDROBOND centrefeed range is exclusive to Fourstones and has been developed over 12 months through adapting our production process and creating our own tailormade paper. Ultimately offering you and your customers a premium and longer lasting centrefeed at an affordable price.

Added Value

Whilst fiercely competitive in price, our Sapphire HYDROBOND centrefeed range adds even more in terms of value.

    • Exclusively uses paper developed and manufactured by Fourstones here in the UK. This bespoke paper provides the extra soft feeling end users want whilst maintaining high absorbency and superior strength.

    • The Sapphire HYDRBOND centrefeed range only uses FSC® Recycled 100% paper – the gold standard in recycled paper and sought after by environmentally conscious end users and organisations.

    • Specifically chosen low bleed dye makes Sapphire HYDROBOND centrefeed the preferred centrefeed for catering and any other industry with strict hygiene regulations.

    • You can be sure that each roll is made to exact specifications thanks to our CHSA credentials. Going further, we ensure you receive exact lengths, not lengths within tolerance of the scheme.

    • Made exclusively in the UK within through our onsite integrated manufacturing process ensures your supply chain is protected whilst also lowering the carbon footprint of every single roll.

Sapphire HYDROBOND Centrefeed Available Now

The Sapphire HYDROBOND centrefeed range is available in 300 sheet, 400 sheet, 100m and 120m with a choice of blue or white. Sapphire HYDROBOND centrefeed is exclusively available from Fourstones so contact your local development manager or our sales office at;

01434 602 444 | [email protected]

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