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Couch Rolls

A lot of people use couch rolls on a day to day basis. Some of us use the rolls at home for wiping up spills, while others use the product in professional industries such as hospitals, day care centres and so on. However, not all the couch rolls offered by various manufacturers are of high quality. Selecting good quality couch rolls becomes highly important when you have customers relying on you.

High Quality and Consistent Throughout the Roll

The first reason you should choose a premium couch roll from Fourstones Paper mill co ltd is simply that the rolls are of high quality, something that is consistent throughout our brand. The rolls are gentle on the skin and create a strong hygienic barrier. Most importantly the quality remains consistent throughout the couch roll.

Highly Absorbent

White couch rolls offered by Fourstones Papermill is ultra-absorbent. A couch roll’s basic requirement is to absorb various types of liquids and fluids, creating a clean and hygienic environment. This means a roll should be powerful enough to absorb everything that makes contact with it, protecting the surface below.

Premium Quality in Cost-Effective Price

Offering products at a cost-effective price doesn’t mean that the manufacturer has to bring down the quality of the product. Fourstones maintains the quality of the product, whilst at the same time, giving you a competitive price tag.

Perfectly Sized

The couch rolls manufactured by Fourstones Papermill have been developed after a lot of careful research. Listening to customer feedback, our rolls meet all the requirements your customers expect. Setting a visible benchmark in couch roll manufacturing.

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