Fourstones Shortlisted For 2023 Sustainable Manufacturing Award!

Exciting News: Fourstones is a Finalist in the 2023 Manufacturer MX Awards for Sustainable Manufacturing!

In a year filled with accomplishments, we are thrilled to share that Fourstones has been chosen as a finalist in the highly competitive Sustainable Manufacturing category at the prestigious 2023 Manufacturer MX Awards.

Our journey over the past year has been nothing short of remarkable, with nominations for four distinguished awards from well-known business and industry organizations. Of these honours, we are particularly proud to stand as a finalist in the field of sustainable manufacturing.

At the heart of the UK’s circular economy, Fourstones has solidified its position as a leading manufacturer. Our expertise in recycled paper is a defining aspect of our identity, reflecting our unwavering commitment to paper recycling and its positive impact on local communities and the nation at large. This finalist selection for the 2023 Manufacturing MX Awards serves as recognition of our dedicated efforts and a well-earned tribute to the entire team at Fourstones Paper Mill Co Ltd.

Being recognized in the Sustainable Manufacturing category provides us with an opportunity to spotlight our carefully crafted sustainability strategy, our ethical product lineup, and our established industry credentials. This acknowledgment reaffirms our steadfast commitment to sustainable manufacturing and reinforces our belief that we are moving in the right direction.

As we approach the Manufacturer MX Awards, we extend our best wishes to our fellow finalists. Let our collective pursuit of excellence and innovation continue to raise the bar in our respective fields.


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