Fourstones will continue to operate during the Winter 2020/21 Lockdown.

As a UK manufacturer of paper products used in the health and hygiene sectors, Fourstones will continue to operate during the national lockdown to supply essential paper products used on essential front lines across the UK.

As a UK supplier with vertically integrated paper production, we can provide assurance that our paper stocks are secure from COVID-19 and Brexit related supply chain issues. We are also working closely with our UK based logistic partners to reduce any disruption caused by the national lock down, whilst maintaining vigilant COVID-19 precautions on all our sites.

We understand this is a difficult time for all and we are working hard to ensure all our customers receive the same high level of service they expect from Fourstones. 

To assist us in being able to supply essential front lines, we ask those unable to accept deliveries to let us know using one of the following methods;

  • Contact your local area manager
  • Call us on 01434 602 444
  • E-mail us as [email protected]

By contacting us, we can amend or cancel your orders as required. In addition, this will prevent the unnecessary travel of the individual transporting goods into your area. 

We thank all for their continued service in the fight against COVID-19, and despite the gloom now, look forward to sharing a bright future with you all.

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