Honest Centrefeed – It’s time for a sustainable upgrade.

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of Honest Centrefeed - the beginning of Fourstones new environmentally friendly paper product range.

As a leading UK supplier of recycled paper, we have an obligation to challenge ‘real sustainability’.
Fourstones doesn’t think of sustainability as a trendy marketing buzz word. We see it as a way of meeting real needs without compromising those of future generations.

We have demonstrated our commitment to this with continuous investments in making our production processes greener.

An example being our latest combined heat and energy power plant (CHP) project that significantly increases our utility efficiencies, reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

But we are not stopping there.

Using our award winning specialist paper expertise, we have reviewed our product ranges to develop a natural recycled paper, requiring less energy, chemicals and transport, whilst maintaining the high strength and absorption you expect from Fourstones paper products.

Honest Centrefeed uses this paper combined with 100% plastic free packaging.


Why Honest?

  • Created to reflect the natural emphasis of the products.
  • Honest removes non-essential elements often used within the production of disposable paper products.
  • Reflects our vision of integrity through transparency and responsibility.
  • Resonates with consumers as positive and trustworthy.

Honest Centrefeed

  • Made in the UK from paper to roll.
  • All unnecessary chemicals removed (including dyes and bleaches).
  • Natural paper made by Fourstones from locally sourced recycled paper.


  • 100% plastic free.
  • Sealed using strong and recyclable paper tape.
  • Strong and rigid box, excellent for couriers and deliveries.
  • 100% Recyclable and compostable.

It’s time for a sustainable upgrade

We’re taking Honest seriously and have involved our customers whilst developing the brand and product, using our knowledge and their feedback, we considered each element of Honest to provide an affordable and environmentally superior disposable paper product.

If you would like the opportunity to launch Honest Centrefeed with us and provide a sustainable upgrade for your customers, please get in touch.

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