HONEST® Shortlisted for the 2024 Tomorrows Facilities Management Awards

We’re happy to share that our HONEST® disposable paper products have been shortlisted following a nomination by an outside organisation for the 2024 Tomorrows Facilities Management Awards

HONEST® is all about genuine sustainability. Manufactured right here in the UK, we source our materials from within a 50-mile radius of our factories, thereby reducing our environmental footprint. What truly sets HONEST apart is our commitment to eliminating all non-essential chemicals from our production process. This translates to a substantial reduction in scope 2 carbon emissions throughout our supply chain and results in significantly cleaner water systems when our products are used and eventually disposed of by end-users.

Getting shortlisted by an external group is a big honour. It shows that HONEST® is truly making a positive impact on the environment and is becoming more popular among businesses that care about the environment.

You can help us win! Voting for the 2024 Tomorrows Facilities Management Awards starts in December 2024, and the award ceremony will be in April 2024. We’ll remind you when it’s time to vote. Let’s support HONEST® and real sustainability together.

If you would like to explore the HONEST® disposable paper range click here!

HONEST® is currently offered in two eco-friendly options: a 150-meter centrefeed roll and a 150-meter mini jumbo toilet roll. Both are thoughtfully packaged in 100% plastic-free materials, right down to the paper tape. This not only helps you minimize your plastic consumption but also ensures robust packaging, making it perfect for courier deliveries to your customers.”


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