What to do with those pesky Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Cardboard Tubes!

Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Cores & More

We have all been there, hoarding cardboard tubes left over from a wide variety of Cardboard tubes, whether it be Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls, Christmas wrapping paper, Couch Rolls or even pulled out Centrefeed cores.

That is why at Fourstones we thought what could shine a little light on this dilemma!

Create Some Art From Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls!

With some inspiration you can do anything. Simply check out these great examples on Pinterest.

Within minutes it is easy to create your own masterpiece. All you need is glue, scissors and a core from a Fourstones Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll

Step 1; Cut the mini jumbo toilet roll tube into 1-inch-long sections.

Step 2; Pinch one part of the core to make a point, glue the inside of the point together (or you can staple the point you made from mini jumbo toilet roll core too.)

Step 3; Push the opposite side of the point in to create a heart shape and glue this too.

If done successfully, you should have a little heart! For extra bling, you can put more glue on and cover it in glitter!

Make a Bird Feeder!

Fan of the birds? They will love this!

All you need for this tip is bird feed, peanut butter and a spare core! For best results use Fourstones 20″ Couch Rolls tubes for extra length!

Step 1; Cover the core in Peanut Butter

Step 2; roll the core in the bird feed until it is evenly coated

Step 3: Place it on a branch or tie a piece of string to one tree, feed it through the core and then tie the loose end to another tree or branch.

Viola! Happy Birds!


Most of Fourstones Paper Mills paper is made from recycled paper. You can see how waste paper goes from waste to a top quality product every time you place an order with us. Cardboard is just the same!

Simply recycle your spare mini jumbo toilet roll tubes and you will have a bigger impact on the environment than you think.

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